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"more than just surf"


We came to Lombok for the first time in 1999 and immediately felt in love with this idyllic island. Just one year later, we founded Symbiosis; the very first surf camp on the island.

From the beginning, our camp mission was to keep the camp small and familiar and not to invade the surfing spots with a herd of surfers!

We are committed to respect culture, nature and of course local surfers.

We ensure that this is our clear message and experience whilst giving you and unforgettable time with us on Lombok.

Lombok is characterised by a huge volcanic massif, evergreen tropical rainforests and you will find countless natural, white surfing and bathing beaches.

In addition to surfing and various excursions, the locals in the team also enable you to get to know and understand the customs and culture of the Sasaks (residents of Lombok).

“Surfing is the sport of the Polynesian kings, who dedicated their ride on the wave to the gods.

Surfing is religion and surfing gives magical power"

Butch Helemano, Maori-Priester Waimea Hawaii

SYMBIOSIS "more than just surf"

SYMBIOSIS "more than just surf"

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Symbiosis Surf School

                                        since 2000

it`s nicer to surf with friends


Lombok island


everything you can imagine is real

Symbiosis Surf Resort

Symbiosis Surf Lodge

                                        since 2017

you don`t snore here you purr


Symbiosis Team

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