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Symbiosis Surf School 


In the Symbiosis Surf Camp you get to know the best waves on the south coast. Depending on the swell, there are also paradise beaches with waves that many can only dream about.

The guides from Symbiosis are happy to show you some of the islands best kept ‘secret’ spots! The locals message to our camps surfers is though clearly:  “Please don’t broadcast these spots - let’s keep them special”!

The camp is not a classic surf camp, as you may know from Bali or from other well-known places in the world. You are only traveling with a small group of people. In addition to surfing and various excursions, the locals in the team also enable you to get to know and understand the customs and culture of the Sasaks (residents of Lombok).


Depending on the swell, there are countless different surf spots on the south coast. From simple beach breaks for beginners to one of the best waves in the world at Desert Point.

Some spots are more well known that others, but due to our local knowledge and locally commanded boat, some waves we go by boat, others with our surf mobile. This also gives opportunities to explore hidden bays and lonely beaches.


  Beginners surf course

Here you will learn the techniques of surfing from scratch. In addition to the correct handling of the board, we will show you important paddle and take off techniques, as well as correct positioning in the surf spot.

In theory, you learn a lot of interesting and important things about wave formation, currents, tides, boards and surf history.

We teach in very small groups.

Board & Rash-vest can also be rented. 


  Step up surf course

For those who have already completed a course and know the basics but still need help and tips in the water. Depending on the level, first manoeuvres are also trained.

We teach in very small groups.

Board & Rash-vest can also be rented.

Most people though bring their own.


  Surf Guiding

For advanced Surfers who can move safely and independently in the surf spot and are able to master the take-off to a certain extent and can surf green waves.

We are also in very small groups when it comes to guiding.

Board & Rash-vest can also be rented.

Most people though bring their own.


meet the Team 


Ulf founded Symbiosis 20 years ago.

If he is not looking for new waves, you can meet him in Switzerland in the office or in the mountains while snowboarding or paragliding.


Lina, camp manager and good soul in the camp. Takes care of the guests inside and outside the camp. It ensures a perfect "symbiosis" between us "long noses" and the "Sasaks".


Indar, our friend and driver with a big heart, has been with us for 18 years now. Excursions, airport shuttles and much more.


Chris has been with us for many years. He is yery patient with your surfing skills. He also  ensures good mood in and outside                        the water.


Zaen, ensures that it is always fun in the water. He also helps you with a lot of required effort in the water.

junis & maru

Junis & Maru,                    the next generation

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